About HeathySoil

HealthySoil is different. The most important difference is the flexibility of our products and services. We tailor our formulations to the specific needs of your crop, your soil, and your production goals.

As a HealthySoil grower, you can count on us to stay close to help you, even through tough times. This flexibility, combined with our competitive pricing, gives HealthySoil the unmatched ability to provide the products and services you need, when you need them.

While our products are flexible, our commitment to your company is fixed.
We focus on long-term success, just as you do. Once you become a HealthySoil grower, we stay the course through good times and bad. We take a deep interest in understanding how YOU farm, in your production goals, and a strong belief in your long-term success.

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Current markets include:

Promotes a Healthy Root System

A healthy root system will produce a healthy plant. HealthySoil promotes optimal soil conditions for healthy root growth.

Restores Diversity to Soil

HealthySoil restores biological diversity to soil which reduces the impact of monoculture on soil fertility. HealthySoil enhances nutrient retention/recycling, improves disease suppression, reduces soil compaction, and mitigates issues associated with reclaimed water use.

Soil + Sustainability

How HealthySoil can help reduce your input usage and save you money

1. Reduced water usage

HealthySoil significantly improves soil aggregate structure, which enhances the ability of soil to absorb and retain water. The result: less water is needed to maintain optimal plant health. Further, HealthySoil offers a long-term solution to salt problems and to other issues associated with use of reclaimed / re-use water.

2. Reduced fertilizer and pesticide usage

HealthySoil reduces the amount of inputs required to maintain optimal plant health and productivity. This enables HealthySoil customers to significantly reduce their input costs and increase their profitability.

  • Less Fertilizer: HealthySoil improves the efficiency of fertilizer, which enables customers to reduce application rates and lengthen application intervals.
  • Fewer Pesticides: HealthySoil suppresses disease by colonizing the soil with beneficial microorganisms that can compete against pathogenic organisms for food, resources and space. HealthySoil was named a 2008 PESP Champion by the U.S. EPA for enabling its customers to reduce their use of pesticides.

Basic Soil Science

Soil Texture
Sand, silt and clay are the main components of soil texture. HealthySoil helps organize these components into functional and efficient aggregates. HealthySoil does this by creating a soil environment that allows for the natural interactions between the plant, roots and soil to occur, resulting in optimal plant health.

Healthy soil contains populations of highly-diverse, active microorganisms. This includes bacteria, fungi, and protozoa. These soil microorganisms:

  • Improve aggregate structure
  • Retain / recycle nutrients
  • Suppress disease
  • Promote overall plant health

Macro-Pores + Micro-Pores
Soil contains pores or spaces that range in size from "macro-pores" (created by worms and larger creatures moving through the soil) to "micro-pores" (primarily created by soil bacteria and fungi). Sandy/coarse soils have plenty of large, macro-pores that hold air but few micro-pores that can hold water. Clay/fine soils are able to hold water but are tight and restrict water flow.

HealthySoil helps create favorable pore spaces within a wide range of soil types. HealthySoil creates and maintains both macro- and micro-pores in the soil that can hold both air and water. As roots grow deeper into soil, they enhance the process of micro-pore formation in the lower soil profiles. By improving water retention and infiltration, HealthySoil allows for water to deliver oxygen and nutrients to the root zone, both of which are critical to plant health.

Compaction in soil occurs when soil is compressed; nearly all growing practices that involve contact with soil cause compaction. This leads to a loss of air pockets (or fewer "macro-pores") in the soil. The packing of soil increases the particle-to-particle interactions, which further reduces pore spaces.

Water Infiltration + Retention
Soil management is greatly enhanced when soil has a stable aggregate structure that allows for the movement (infiltration / percolation) of water. Strategies to mitigate poor water quality and/or salt intrusion are dependent on the efficient movement of water in soil. HealthySoil increases the ability of water to move through the soil, while also increasing the portion of water that can be retained in the soil.

By improving the ability of water to enter and move through the soil profile, HealthySoil enables salts and other negative materials to move out of the soil. HealthySoil provides an innovative solution to reduce the negative impact of poor water quality and salt on plant health.