HealthySoil Wine Grape Program

Wine Grape Program

HealthySoil Wine Grape Program

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HealthySoil provides wine grape growers with the tools to improve soil fertility over the long-term. Our goal is to help you achieve higher quality yields while lowering your input costs.

We do this through our Integrated Soil Management Program. Click below to learn what this program can do for you:

OUR GOAL: to help you get the highest return on your investment in the HealthySoil Program.

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Testing + Diagnostic Services

Results are critical. HealthySoil has developed relationships with industry-leading third-party labs to provide you with objective testing and analysis.

As a HealthySoil Customer, you will receive consistent soil / tissue analysis to help you measure and monitor changes in the health of your soil and crops. You will also receive custom USDA-NRCS soil maps and other diagnostic tools to assist with the management of your soil. This enables us to provide you with timely advice, recommendations, and custom-blended products to meet your needs.

*Testing Services reflected above are included in the per-acre cost of the HealthySoil Wine Grape Program.

HealthySoil AME® Program

Wine Grape AME Schedule

Healthy crops and high-quality yields are dependent on fertile, functioning soil.

At the foundation of building and maintaining healthy soils is our patent-pending AME Program -- a series of three (3) liquid drenches applied through your existing drip irrigation system at various key stages of crop development. This program helps improve soil aggregate structure and elevate fertilizer efficiency.

Please note: HealthySoil AME Program currently limited to California's Central Coast.

>> Learn more about the HealthySoil AME Program

Beneficial Products

Based on your crop needs, we will custom-blend products to deliver targeted nutrients, soil amendments, and stress relief when your crops need it most.

*Beneficial Products are sold separately from the HealthySoil AME Program.

Wine Grape Application Schedule
Approved for Organic Production

Delivery + Application

Implementation is effortless! Our professional, knowledgeable staff will deliver and apply all products when convenient for you.

Our primary delivery zone is along California's Central Coast (Monterey County, San Luis Obispo County, Santa Barbara County, Ventura County); however we ship our dry materials across the United States and internationally.

*Product Delivery and Application is included in the per-acre cost of the HealthySoil Wine Grape Program.

Support + Data Management

We stand behind you.

As a HealthySoil Customer, you will receive ongoing customer service and data management to help you succeed. You will have access to all test results and application data to help you comply with all regulations.

*Customer Service and Data Management is included in the per-acre cost of the HealthySoil Wine Grape Program.