Sustainability & HealthySoil

HealthySoil products are organically-based and safe for children, pets and wildlife.

  • HealthySoil customers use less water, synthetic inputs and energy (electricity/fuel).
  • HealthySoil products are organically-based, non-polluting, and improve the environment.
  • HealthySoil’s manufacturing process is “closed loop” so it does not create any pollution or waste by-products.
  • HealthySoil staff is committed to sustainable business practices:
    • Energy Efficiency: We’ve retrofitted our corporate headquarters to improve energy efficiency. Other HealthySoil facilities are next! In the future we’d like to offset our energy use with renewable sources such as wind and solar. We’d also like to convert our fleet of company cars/trucks to electric or 'clean fuel' vehicles.
    • Go Local: We do our best to purchase our manufacturing materials and equipment from local suppliers to reduce our carbon footprint. We support our local growers and businesses.
    • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: We’re making a conscious effort to become a “paperless office” and to reduce our use of other office materials. We seek out green business solutions (like having all company letterhead and business cards printed on post-consumer-waste paper with soy-based inks) to reduce our impact on the environment. We have a company-wide recycling / composting effort.
    • Educate: We speak at local schools to help educate the next generation about the importance of healthy soil. We give soil health seminars to industry associations. We educate employees on the importance of incorporating sustainable practices into their own lives.